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Network Automation

  • Network Automation

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  • Posted On 2018-07-02 09:13:24am

As you are familiar with CLI, we know that if we want to configure 100 devices, then how many hours we need to complete the task. We have to configure device by device even copy paste we need to edit the values like ip address as number etc..  it may cause human error and we have to spend another hours to find out the error.

 Today’s digital transformation is faster than ever. To meet this requirement, the mission of network engineers becomes more critical. Time based task is the main challenge that network engineers facing. Network automation is the remedy of this challenge.

Network automation is a methodology that software automatically configures or removes provisions (configurations) and tests network devices. It is used by enterprises and service providers to reduce implementing time and reduce human error and operation expences. 

  Any network devices controlled through the command-line interface (CLI) or an application programming interface (API) can be automated. With automation we can use same code for multiple vendors’ devices.

Benefits of network automation

  • Improved efficiency. Through automation of networking, Engineers no longer have to perform time-consuming tasks.
  • Reduced likelihood of human error. With CLI human error can occurs, and when the stability of an enterprise or service provider network is at stake, the consequences of a misconfiguration can be significant. Setting up a task for automation means it only needs to be entered correctly once and reuse the same.
  • Lower operational expenses. This benefit comes as a result of the previous two items. By eliminating certain manual tasks around network device provisioning and network management, businesses can operate with greater speed and agility.

There are many tool available to automate the network Like Python, Ruby, ANSIBLE, Puppet etc.. Most of the tools are integrated with hundreds of modules for networking. And automation industry is growing fast.

As a network engineer we cannot stand in industry without the knowledge in automation. So don’t waste the time, Learn Automation. Remember that without the CLI configuration knowledge, you will get stuck in automation.

Stay tuned, I will update you soon with more about Automation…………….

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